Trip Cancellation or Curtailment

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Scenario 1: You booked a trip to China but you had to cancel it as your son fell and fractured his leg prior to departure.

Most policies will cover trip cancellation, subject to certain conditions and named events. These events include a serious illness or accident to you or your travel companions or specified family members; or the unexpected outbreak of a strike or riot.

There may be a specified time frame prior to departure during which the named event must occur, usually 30 days.

Some policies will specify that no benefit will be paid if the policy was bought after you became aware of any circumstance that may lead to the disruption of the trip.


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Scenario 2: You were travelling in China when you were informed that your mother had fallen seriously ill and was in hospital. As you are the primary caregiver for your mother, you had to rush home to take care of her.

As you could not amend your air ticket, you had to purchase a new one to fly home urgently. You also had to forfeit the rest of your tour.

Most travel policies’ curtailment benefits will reimburse you for travel costs which you pre-paid in advance for which you are unable to get a refund. You can also claim for the additional travel cost to return home subject to a maximum limit.

Once again, the curtailment must be due to a named event, such as serious illness. You may have to provide supporting documents to verify that the event that caused the trip to be cut short did take place. In this scenario, these include documents that attest to your mother’s medical condition.


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Scenario 3: You were in London and planned to travel to Germany for two days before returning to London to fly back to Singapore. But due to severe weather conditions, you were unable to fly to Germany. You remained in London and flew home to Singapore as originally planned.

This case was not a cancellation or curtailment. You did not cut short your trip to return home, but merely changed your plans and stayed in London.

Some insurers do cover for curtailment due to adverse weather, hijacking of an aircraft in which the insured is a passenger, and natural disaster, among other conditions.


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Scenario 4: The volcanic eruption in Iceland caused the spread of volcanic ash all over Europe. You had to cancel your trip to Europe as flights were cancelled due to the closure of airspace.

If your policy does specify natural disaster as part of its coverage, such as volcanic eruption, then you will be covered under the trip cancellation benefit.

You will be covered if you bought your policy before the disaster – in this case, a volcanic eruption – and/or if you purchased the plan before any travel advisory had been issued by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.


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Scenario 5: In about two months, you will travel to the Maldives for your honeymoon. But prior to the trip, your travel agency became insolvent. You had paid $5,000 for your tour package upfront.

Cancellation due to insolvency is a covered event. But you should read the fine print in your policy. You may not get a payout if the petition for winding up or bankruptcy was made before you bought the cover, for instance.


Above scenarios are for your easy reference purpose only.  Kindly note that there will be differences in the scope of coverage according to the insurer and the policy you have chosen.

You will have to peruse your policy documents carefully.  Please download Travel Guard eBrochure  РAIG Travel Guard covers comprehensively during your travel.

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