Travel Guard Summary

Summary of travel benefits including:
• Up to S$2,000,000 Medical Expenses incurred overseas for Sickness or Injury for Premier Plan.
• Reassures you with up to S$1,000,000 protection for accidental death whilst traveling on public transport
overseas (Premier Plan only).
• Reimburse your approved claims from the first dollar.
• Covers all ages – from babies to senior citizens.
• Gives you unlimited Emergency Medical Evacuation and Repatriation Cover (Premier & Superior Plan
• 24-hour medical assistance while overseas.
• Covers in the event of Natural Disasters.
• Provides protection each time you travel overseas (max 90 days per trip) when you are on the Annual
Multi-Trip Plan.
• Protects you while you enjoy leisure amateur sports.
• Trip Cancellation benefit starts 60 days prior to departure date or at policy issue date (if policy issued
less than 60 days prior to departure date).
• Reimburse for Loss of use of Entertainment Ticket/Frequent Flyer points if not used due to certain
specified events.
• Reimburse for your Baggage Delay and Travel Delay whilst you are Overseas (for each full 6
consecutive hours) or in Singapore (for at least 6 consecutive hour delay).
• Cover Acts of Terrorism.
• Automatic Extension of Policy up to 30 days due to Hospitalization/Quarantine at time of expiry.
• Treatment by Physician.
• Reimburse the administrative cost of change of traveler in the event of Travel Cancellation due to
unexpected death of relative or travel companion.
• Reimburse you for your telephone call charges incurred overseas for calling Travel Guard during an
medical emergency and for which a medical claim has been submitted.
• Reimburse you for your telephone call charges incurred overseas to call Travel Guard to report lost or
stolen credit card or that unauthorized charges have been made from your credit card.
• Reimburse for the replacement cost for lost travel documents.
• Reimburse for loss arising from unauthorised charges being made from your Credit Card.
• Reimburse for loss of use of Green Fees paid in advance if you suffer injury or sickness during a trip
resulting in inability to use the golf course (Premier & Superior Plan only).
• Reimburse for delay from arriving at planned destination (for each full 6 consecutive hours) resulting
from Flight Diversion to another destination due to adverse weather conditions.
• Reimburse for failure to board aircraft due to Flight Overbooking and no alternative transportation made
available for at least 6 hours (Premier & Superior Plan only).
• Reimburse for Medical Expenses incurred overseas arising from pregnancy-related sickness.
• Reimburse you for loss of jewelry if you are robbed while traveling.
• Compensate per day you are held hostage following a kidnap.
• Enjoy Supplementary Benefits such as Golf Advantage (some benefits only for (Premier & Superior Plan
only) and Pet Care (Premier & Superior Plan only).
• Takes care of your rental vehicle excess charges you need to pay for loss or damage to the rental
vehicle due to an accident or delay in return of rented vehicle due to your hospital confinement.
• Protects your children’s needs with Child Education Grant on event of your accidental death whilst
• Takes care of your non-recoverable deposits or fares paid in advance in the event of Travel Cancellation
due to insolvency of your Travel Agency.
• Provides cover for your household contents against fire whilst you are away.

Note: Please refer to the Policy for the specific terms, conditions and exclusions.