Scenario: You are visiting the majestic pyramids in Egypt when you felt a little tug. You then discovered that your wallet and passport, which were in a little bag, had been stolen.

You had to make your way to the Singapore embassy to report your passport loss and make alternative arrangements to draw cash, such as a credit card advance. Your total loss, including cash stolen, was $5,000.

Your travel plan is likely to pay a benefit of $3,000 to $5,000 for your travel and hotel expenses and to pay for a replacement passport. You may also receive $300 to $500 for the loss of your cash. The indicative premium for a travel policy for seven days for two people is between $140 and $180.


Above scenarios are for your easy reference purpose only.  Kindly note that there will be differences in the scope of coverage according to the insurer and the policy you have chosen.

You will have to peruse your policy documents carefully.  Please download Travel Guard eBrochure  РAIG Travel Guard covers comprehensively during your travel.

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