Flight Delay

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Not all types of delay will be covered by a travel plan. Most policies will specify that cover will kick in if the delay exceeds a minimum specified time – usually six hours.

These are some common causes of delay provided for in policies: a strike, riot, civil commotion or industrial action, natural disaster, adverse weather, or mechanical breakdown of the public transport. Also included are epidemics or outbreak of contagious disease.

Scenario 1: You were scheduled to fly from New York to Singapore but the flight was delayed due to a severe snowstorm.

If the delay exceeds the minimum specified number of hours, you will be able to claim for delay benefits. Most policies will pay a cash benefit up to a maximum limit but some will pay on a reimbursement basis for ‘reasonable’ expenses.

Scenario 2: You were scheduled to fly from New York to Singapore but the flight was delayed due to issues relating to the airline’s business operations.

Operational issues such as crew rotation to meet statutory regulations, rescheduling of flights to suit capacity demands or the airline’s failure to prepare the aircraft on time for the departure are considered business risks and are not covered.

Scenario 3: You were supposed to board a train from Frankfurt to Rome. You waited at a platform for three hours but then discovered that you were on the wrong platform. You missed the train and had to wait 12 hours for the next train.

As the delay was caused by your mistake, rather than any of the covered events listed in the policy, you will not be able to claim. There was in fact no delay as your scheduled train did leave on time.

Above scenarios are for your easy reference purpose only.  Kindly note that there will be differences in the scope of coverage according to the insurer and the policy you have chosen.

You will have to peruse your policy documents carefully.  Please download Travel Guard eBrochure  РAIG Travel Guard covers comprehensively during your travel.

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